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Réseaux AGRO-CONSULTANTS Network : Over 100 consultants to bring you help, advice, assistance : change management, market survey, audit, crisis management, F&A, quality/tracability, coatching, environment, risk prevention and management, technology, supply chain, new market development...
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AGRO CONSULTANTS  is a network of consultants all graduated from high level agrotechnology or agrobusiness European Institutes or Universities.

They operate as independant free-lances or managers of small units entirely devoted to consulting work.

Most of them have a previous experience as executive managers of divisions or subsidiaries of large agro business companies.
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1 - Who are we ? Professional Consultants graduated from European agro-business higher education Institutes.
2 - Who are we : Part 2 Compliance with the deontologic rules of the Agro Consultants Charter
3 - Who are we : Part 3
Ability to build up multi-field teams specifically tailor-made to your need.
AGRO CONSULTANTS - Over 100 consultants to bring you help, advice, assistance in many fields : feed and food business, agroindustrials or else.
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